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teaser: une petite histoire belge.

hdv, stereo, color
total running time: 29'
running time teaser: 2'38''

'une petite histoire belge' is a documentary film about a dreamworld sustained and nourished by the media. The film tells the story of endless boredom in a dreary suburb along the Belgian language border. Jean-Pascal, a young Walloon, obsessively pursues his American dream, car-tuning in Los Angeles. With MTV-star Xzibit as his shining example, he craves to appear on the covers of glossy magazines. Seeking his escape of the crushing banalities of daily life in an industrial area where future plans are already down on memory lane. As a lonesome tightrope walker, Jean-Pascal tries to hold his balance between raw reality and fiction while an obstinate film crew after his heels.

teaser: who framed the butler?

sd, stereo, color
total running time: 27'
running time teaser: 2' 40"

The structure of this documentary results from the complex and confusing personality of the main character, Johan Dumoulin, an eccentric butler. Home video footage of the butler is welded together with fragments of reality TV and the cinematic vision of the filmmaker. This composed form reflects the hesitating thin line between the reality of the main character and everything he longs to be. In the aftermath it is the spectator who makes the pieces of the puzzle fall together.

teaser: behind the redwood curtain

Behind the Redwood Curtain takes us on a mesmerizing journey through the dark and eerie Redwood forest. Seven forest dwellers - loggers, scientists, activists and Native Americans – invite us to discover their part of these impressive woods. There are no Walmarts and Starbucks here, just small towns and big trees. The ancient Redwoods have always kept the region isolated but now that excessive logging is encroaching, the survival of this unique habitat is under threat.

Directed by Liesbeth De Ceulaer
Produced by Minds Meet & Stempel
Assistant Director Flo Flamme
Cinematography by Pierre Schreuder & Grimm Vandekerckhove
Editing by Tom Denoyette
Sound by Gert Verboven & Kwinten Van Laethem
Sound Design by Kwinten Van Laethem
Music by Spookhuisje
Scale Models by Emma De Swaef