Flo Flamme


In my work I explore the concept of identity in the persisting audiovisual dictatorship of the media. The current proliferation and omnipresence of the audiovisual jungle often creates a misleading impression that it's a piece of cake for anyone to step into the centre of 'the image'. The other side of the coin is that a fear of missing opportunities derives, a fear of being forgotten or being a nobody. I believe that as a result of this process a lot of our actions come from an assumption that if we are not somehow signaling all the time we exist, we will in fact be a literary and figurative 'blank'. How others and myself create a private as well as an imaginary or hypothetical identity in this context forms the bottom-line of my work.

By applying the audiovisual medium as a translator, I mostly take the point of view of a visual anthropologist. Therefore I'm confronted as a filmer by one being filmed. It is this confrontation which forms the point of departure for most of my work. Skilled as a documentary filmmaker, it is clear throughout my films that they are the outcome of a love for 'the document', however they have no intentions to endorse any kind of objective truth.

Geographic locations have a genius of their own. They are a segment of the identity of people living there. Also places where one passes by are tagged with memories, affections and encounters. It is the complex relation of an individual to these often marked, romanticized or unknown destinations that forms a great deal of the inspiration for my films. Destinations with an idyllic aura, often part of an unreachable illusionary world, captivate my attention. In a present inquiry I'm looking for the essence of the (hypothetic) relationship between people and places; examining to what extend an identity is formed by the influence of the environment, a room, a tropical island in the Caribbean or residential barracks in a desolate neighborhood and how these locations direct the dreams of passers-by.